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Test facilitator with cold room for extreme conditions (-60c with wind, water and impact tests)

  • Provide test facilities for equipment intended for the polar code
  • Provide test facilities for class notations intended for cold climate
  • Provide test facilities for clothing manufacturers intended for cold climate.
  • Provide test facilities for “human factor” regarding safe operations to prevent hypothermia


  • Provide certified training in accordance with the requirement of the Polar Code.
  • Provide training within safe operations of offshore production units, installations, marine vessels related to operations in cold climate.

Product development and research

  • Develop efficient and environmental friendly solutions to enhance personnel safety for operations in cold climate.
  • Develop more efficient solutions to maintain the integrity of equipment intended for operations in cold climate.
  • Develop new and better methods for safe operations in harsh environment.

Product delivery

  • Provide equipment for the offshore and marine industry intended for cold climate.
  • Provide expert consultancy within class/polar code requirements.
  • Provide project management for new building and retrofit off offshore and marine vessels intended for cold climate.
  • Deliver turn key projects within cold climate and polar code requirements for safe operations.

Ice Consultancy

  • Ice Management
  • Ice advisory
  • Technology qualification
  • Simulators/VR, classroom and onboard training

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Long experience from ice-breaking and offshore operations in Arctic regions

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